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XXX Oil Wars 5

This video features sexy, hot, muscled oil action, but no live action audio. The cameraman got a whipping off camera, and we put in music track, but don’t worry – the action will make up for it.

Chris Taylor vs. Jeff Jagger

Both of these studs could grace the cover of a magazine. They are handsome with pretty eyes, devilish grins and great physiques. In fact, this video starts with a photo shoot of each of them showing off their best assets, before donning jockstraps and heading into the oil pit for some hot rubbing and mutual worship. The match defines sensual, sexy wrestling, as they put those fine bodies to good slippery use with Jagger submitting Taylor with a double hammerlock on his stomach, and flexing his larger frame while making a close inspection of Taylor’s gyrating ass. Flipping him over, he plants his exposed crack over Taylor’s face, who wastes no time is arching up to meet it. Jagger continues his assault, favoring a nelson so he can grind his jock pouch into Taylor’s obviously willing ass. If this were a bondage scene, there’s no doubt Taylor would be the one tied up and totally hard at the thought of being taken advantage of. Indeed, Jagger strips off the submissive’s jock and wraps his wrists up behind his back and Taylor can’t stop squirming in pleasure. The boy wants to be totally dominated, and Jagger is happy to comply. But to appreciate the pleasure, Jagger knows Taylor needs a little more pain first, submitting him and pulling his hair, while teasing him with a simulated fuck. When they jerk off, Taylor is on is back, his head arched up because he can’t take his eyes off the dick he wants so bad, before convulsing from his powerful climax. And even though Jagger won’t be able to fuck that ass in the oil, Taylor turns over so Jagger can grind into and then cum on his crack. We’re pretty sure you will be doing a bit of convulsing, too.

Marc Saber vs. Tony Munroe

There would probably be a line up of volunteers to oil up Tony Monroe’s zero body fat, ebony muscle perfection. The lucky devil is Marc Saber, who is nicely muscled himself. Saber’s big boner is stretching his thin white briefs to the max, as he massages Monroe’s truly perfect ass cakes, and works a hand underneath to grab a squeeze of Monroe’s own hard dick. And when Monroe starts oiling up Saber, he wastes no time in reaching into the back of those briefs and doing some exploring of his own, which only makes Saber’s dick harder, the pink meatiness clearly visible through the tight oil-soaked fabric. It always makes the action hotter when you know the guys matched up are enjoying this as much as you are. Saber is the better wrestler, locking up Monroe’s hands behind his back, and pulling his briefs up into the crack and wrapping them around Monroe’s wrists. Monroe’s ass splits perfectly in this helpless position, and you may be reminded of the parting of the red sea, because there’s a nice canyon to plow on through. Monroe tries to give Saber a run for his money in the wrestling department, but he keeps getting distracted by Saber’s own sexy butt, and that super meaty pouch. Saber gets Monroe completely stretched out, so you can fully admire that incredible torso and six pack. Eventually, the match goes into full sensual mode, with Saber’s cock head peeping over the waistband, and Monroe cannot resist rubbing his abs all over it. The two start making out and Monroe doesn’t give a damn about the oil and sweat, and his lips go from Saber’s mouth to his nipple to that big cock. He sucks it like a lollipop, while jerking himself off. Surprisingly, they control themselves and have another short go at wrestling, but it’s more like let’s grind our hot bodies and hard cocks all over each other until we’re worked up enough to blow a load. After Saber shoots, he turns himself over to present his ass to Monroe, who climbs aboard, sliding his meat along the crack, and then sitting back and fingering Saber’s hole. When he lays back and releases a big wad of cum, Saber looks on, totally satisfied.



FULL CAST LIST: Chris Taylor, Jeff Jagger, Marc Saber, Tony Monroe
STUDIO: BG Enterprise Wrestling
Cum Shots
Oil Wrestling