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Hollywood Muscleboy Wrestling 6

Bout 1: Scott Randsome vs. Mike Pope
Scott: 5’8”, 180 lbs, blond hair, brown eyes, 19 yo
Mike: 5’9”, 170 lbs, blond hair, blue eyes, 19 yo

In a pose down in front of the gym mirror, the two grapplers are acting as serious as they would at a physique contest. They are both trying to muscle out each other from the front of the mirror. One thing leads to another and before you know it they end up settling their differences in the ring. Scott is wearing ass and crotch clinging red trunks. Mike appears in tight, form fitting, ass clinging, and crotch hugging and outlining purple speedos. The grappling action is slow and deliberate. Holds in the first fall include body and head scissors, body slams, full nelson, a suplex, off the rope action, headlocks, double head scissors and a little villainy courtesy of Randsome. Scott wins the first fall with a combination leg lock and neck pullback. He stands up and flashes a double biceps victory pose. The two grapplers engage in some vigorous wrestling in the second fall. Notable action and holds you’ll see include an Irish Whip, an off the ropes hip beal, a big body slam, head and body scissors, and an airplane spin. Mike comes up with a second fall victory with a very tough figure four neck scissors and strangle. He, too, gives us a victory pose. The 3rd and final fall is pretty rough as the two go all-out to secure a victory. The wrestling is pretty much give and take until one lays the other out with a vicious ball grab. From there to the end of the bout it’s a squash.

Bout 2: Rich Stevens vs. Kevin Moore and Doug Fresh (A 2 vs. 1 Bout)
Rich: 6’1”, 192 lbs, brown hair, blue eyes, 19 yo
Kevin: 5’10”, 165 lbs, brown hair and eyes, 19 yo
Dug: 5’6”, 130 lbs, blond hair and brown eyes, 19 yo

Referee: Curt Cummings

This is something a little different in BG Wrestling. A 2 vs. 1 match. The rules: Only one wrestler in the ring at a time, pin or submission, two out of three falls. At the opening of the first fall Rich creams Kevin who tags out to Doug. Be prepared for something different in Doug Fresh. He knows no fear, no matter how badly he is being beaten up and Rich does lays into him. But it’s Kevin who suffers the first fall loss. Rich loves to shove his knee into his opponent’s stomach, clothesline them off the ropes, and snare them in his headlock. His big hold, a spinning full nelson, has Kevin shouting out his submission. Being a referee in BG Wrestling can be hazardous to one’s health. There are no rules about hitting a referee in BG Wrestling. If they can’t take care of themselves, then they have no business in the ring. In the second fall Rich Stevens has just sent his fist into Kevin’s balls and laid him out. Dug can’t stand it any longer. He attempts to help his tag team partner. Curt Cummings tells him to get out of the ring. Instead, gutsy and tough Dug throws Curt out of the ring and then attacks Stevens who has just given Kevin a big body slam. The rules are thrown out and it is truly a 2 vs. 1 match. Stevens is torn apart, limb by limb. He is thoroughly trashed. They have him screaming out a submission when the two try to tear him apart in a wishbone. The ref is back vowing to keep order in the third fall. And he does. But it is also payback time for Rich Stevens. He lays into both, one at a time. The two grapplers never lay a hand on Stevens the entire fall. Kevin ends up put to sleep. Dug ends up literally knocked out with a right to his jaw. Rich stacks them in a heap in ring center, leans back on the heap, puts his hands behind his head, flexes his biceps, and says, “Ah, who’s King of the Mountain now?”

Bout 3: Roy Hastings vs. Cliff Conlin
Roy: 6’1”, 208 lbs, blond hair, green eyes, 22 yo
Cliff: 5’10”, 175 lbs, blond hair, brown eyes, 19 yo

Movie-star handsome, well muscled, versatile grappler Cliff Conlin is an excellent wrestler and a natural entertainer. This personal bodybuilding trainer and former high school wrestler brings a lot of charisma to the ring. BG has brought in big Roy Hastings to test Cliff’s wrestling expertise. Cliff’s wrestling reversals are sudden and dramatic, and Roy has his hands full with his capable grappler. But Roy is a tough, capable grappler in his own right and not with his own surprises as Cliff discovers. He almost puts Cliff into lullaby land in the first fall but stops short. Later in the fall Cliff has Roy in lots of trouble, and pushes him out of the ring. Cliff comes over to the camera and throws us a double bicep pre-victory shot. But before he can turn around to continue trashing Roy, Hastings has come back into the ring, securing a full nelson on Conlin. Several more give and take potential submission holds ensue before Hastings secures Conlin in a “spinning hangman”. It’s all over for Conlin in the first fall. The second sees a victory secured by Conlin with a stretch crotch cradle. The third and final fall offers considerable suspense until the last second of the match. Some very hot freestyle holds are very prominent in this final fall.

Bout 4: Chris Wayne vs. Brent Baker
Chris: 5’7”, 160 lbs, brown hair, hazel eyes, 19 yo
Brent: 6’1”, 165 lbs, brown hair, brown eyes, 19 yo

Both grapplers have previous high school wrestling experience. What you have here is an interesting combination of high school / pro grappling. The wrestlers don’t let up on each other. The give ‘n take is excellent with the edge going to Chris Wayne who manages to come out on top in the first fall with a boston crab. Brent Baker is classically handsome. He appears in black trunks that tend to creep up and into his butt from time to time. His long lean dark look is hot. The sheen of sweat that shows up on his body under the bright lights gives him added muscle defintion that is sexy. Chris is stocker, and more muscular. The second fall features continued give and take wrestling, but slowly and surely Wayne’s aggressiveness takes its toll n Baker. A full nelson/body scissorscombo finally elicits a submission from the very tired and spent Brent Baker.

Bout 5: Buddy Justice and Curt Cummings vs. The Beefcake Brothers (Cliff Conlin and Scott Randsome AKA Kurtus Beefcake)

Buddy Justice: 5’8”, 155 lbs, Blond hair, blue eyes, 25 yo
Curt Cummings: 5’10”, 165 lbs, Brown hair, brown eyes, 24 yo

Beefcake 1: Scott/Kurtus, 5’8”, 180 lbs, Blond hair, brown eyes, 19 yo
Beefcake 2: Cliff Conlin: 5’10”, 175 lbs, Blond hair, brown eyes, 18 yo

Referee: Hussein

Curt Cummings complements Buddy Justice as a tag team partner. He is a high flyer and will do what is necessary to win. This is a wild bout and the tag team partners don’t hesitate to enter the ring, legally or illegally. Hussein at 208 lbs is more than able to take care of himself and instead of counting them out; he bodily lifts them up and throws or pushes them out of the ring. But it’s kind of like a leaking dike. Plug up one hole and another emerges just as fast. The team of Justice and Cummings, with cold-blooded efficiency, eviscerates the Beefcake Brothers in the first fall. Justice, with a combination full nelson and body scissors has Kurtus screaming in submission. In the second fall Hussein continues to keep a semblance of order while the Beefcake Brothers more than hold their own. Sensing the fact they may be on the losing end of this fall, Buddy Justice lays Hussein out with a shot to his balls. The relative order that heretofore existed now becomes chaos. Hussein makes a relative quick comeback to re-establish some order, but Buddy has accomplished what he wanted. Justice and Cummings now have Kurtus in trouble once again. But Kurtus is able to make it back to his corner, tagging in Conlin. Cliff immediately wraps Justice up in one of his favorite freestyle submission holds and Buddy submits loudly. In the final fall Cliff bears the brunt of the team’s wrestling and manages to hold his own against both Justice and Cummings. But he finally tires, tags in Kurtus, who manages to run into immediate trouble. Cummings gets him in a front bearhug, lifts him off the mat, and runs him into the corner where Justice is waiting with a big fist to Beefcake’s head. Beefcake has been cold-cocked. He’s out! Hussein comes over to investigate. At this point Conlin is in a lot of trouble as both Justice and Cummings go after him. He’s double-teamed and soon is screaming out a submission. He’s thrown out of the ring. Kurtus, still out cold, follows. Justice says as he is leaving the ring for the locker room, “Beefcake, eh? Looks more like Cheesecake!” The camera fades on the two teen bodybuilders laid out cold on the mat outside the ring.



FULL CAST LIST: Brent Baker, Buddy Justice, Chris Wayne, Cliff Conlin, Curt Cummings, Doug Fresh, Kevin Moore, Mike Pope, Rich Stevens, Roy Hastings, Scott Randsome
STUDIO: BG Enterprise Wrestling
Pro Wrestling